Encouraging trainee plumbers

Our Charity encourages trainee plumbers through the provision of bursaries and awards.Click the yellow button below.

Proud to be part of the City

The Master, Brian Wadsworth "Fellowship, Charity, City and trade – the Plumbers are thriving. Get the most from your Livery: turn out, join in, enjoy"

Supporting the Craft

Historic lead crafts still have a place in modern society. Witness them in our museum at Singleton.

Latest news

  • Forgotten Password

    Posted on 3rd April 2017

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  • Visit the home of the Code Breakers - Bletchley Park

    Posted on 10th May 2017 Visit the home of the Code Breakers - Bletchley Park

    Bletchley Park offers a fascinating insight into the most secret War; a battle of raw intelligence which the enemy never discovered, let alone suspected that Britain and her allies might have won.  A party of the Plumbers' will visit on Tuesday 6th June.  Flyer and booking form  click here

  • Good News for your paper fivers!

    Posted on 10th May 2017 Good News for your paper fivers!

    If you still have a paper £5 note you do NOT have to take it to the bank, instead all you need to do is put it in an envelope together with a Gift Aid form for the Plumbers' Charity (www.plumberscompany.org.uk) then send it to the Clerk for our Charity.  

    A great way to save a trip to the bank!

  • From the Rt Hon The Lord Mayor, Alderman Dr Andrew Parmley

    Posted on 26th April 2017 From the Rt Hon The Lord Mayor, Alderman Dr Andrew Parmley

    On the 8th September I am going to undertake one of the most frightening things that could ever befall a Lord Mayor – I am going to abseil down the Cheese Grater building (all 225 meters) and I am petrified of heights! I am doing this to raise funds for my Lord Mayor’s Appeal that  will support LSO Discovery programme, St Paul’s Music Outreach and Music in Hospitals, educating young people, using music to develop the skills and talents that young people need to succeed in 21st century Britain.

    I would really like you to sponsor me BUT PLEASE DO NOT SPONSOR ME FOR MORE THAN £10 this is really important as I would like to break some records (not any bones or individual wallets) and I know how generous you are to so many charities.   What I would really like you to do is pass it on to 5 of your fellow Freemen, Liverymen or friends; there are over 30,000 Liverymen – just imagine the funds I could raise if they all donated £10!  Please click on https://www.justgiving.com/fundraising/Andrew-Parmley

  • Court Luncheon with Masters and Clerks Tuesday 9th May 2017

    Posted on 13th April 2017 Court Luncheon with Masters and Clerks Tuesday 9th May 2017

    On Tuesday 9th May the Master, Wardens and Court of Assistants will host our Company’s first Masters and Clerks luncheon at Carpenters’ Hall, to which we have invited the Masters and Clerks of other Livery Companies with whom we enjoy a particularly close relationship and who kindly extend invitations to our Master and Clerk during the year.
    This will be a splendid opportunity to meet and socialise with many of our fellow Livery Companies. Neil Kerfoot from Village by Village will be our guest speaker and will provide an update on our Charity’s good works in Ghana, bringing fresh water, basic sanitation and hygiene education to remote villages.

    Click here for flyer and booking.

  • UK Plumber of the Year

    Posted on 12th April 2017 UK Plumber of the Year

    This year’s UK Plumber of the Year will launch on 3rd April, where the search begins to find the finest plumber of 2017 and recognise the remarkable level of talent from plumbers across the UK, with another huge prize fund awarded to the worthy winner.  Past Master Chris Sneath will sit on the final judging panel.  The competition was first launched in 2015 where our nationwide search found Josh Colbert, a multi-skilled plumber from Huntingdon in Cambridgeshire, as the worthy winner of the inaugural UK Plumber of the Year competition.  Last year, Shaun Scott from Aberdeen picked up the crown and is the current holder of the UK Plumber of the Competition.

    For more information click here and for the Plumber of the Year web site click here.  

Recent events

  • A Parson-Naturalist, an English novelist, an Antarctic explorer and a Plumbers’ Social Visit.

    A Parson-Naturalist, an English novelist, an Antarctic explorer and a Plumbers’ Social Visit.

    Have you guessed where the Master and twelve accompanying lioverymen and their wives visited?  The Parson-Naturalist was Gilbert White, the  English novelist Jane Austen and the Antarctic explorer Lawrence Oates.  The party visited Chawton and Selborne in Hampshire where these luminaries of English history are remembered. Click here for futher details.

  • Masters, Clerks and our Charity

    Masters, Clerks and our Charity

    The Luncheon following the last Court Meeting was a Masters and Clerks luncheon when the Masters (M) and Clerks (C) from the Worshipful Companies of Ironmongers (M&C), Wax Chandlers (M&C), Painter-Stainers (M&C), Masons (M&C), Innholders (RW), Blacksmiths (M&C), Basketmakers (Prime Warden &C), Furniture Makers (M&C), Chartered Surveyors (M), Actuaries(MElect), Engineers (M&C) , Lightmongers (M&C), Environmental Cleaners (M&C), Constructors (M&C) were our Company guests.  This is an example of our City involvement and was an ideal opportunity to share and learn from the experiences of different Companies.

    The principal guest was Mr Neil Kerfoot, the Chief executive and Founder of Village by Village.  The Plumbers' Company through our charity have been assisting Village by Village to build sanitation and to provide hygiene education at  Tuam Guaso in Ghana.  The photo (click here for larger picture) shows that phase 1 has been finished with the  completion of the toilets.

    Yes, the Plumbers' Company believes in our Craft, the City, Charitable activity and Fellowship and we achieved an aspect of all our objectives in one lunch gathering.   Why not attend the next Masters and Clerks Luncheon next year?  It is open to all the Company.

  • Awards and Grants by the Plumbers’  Charity

    The Trustees approved Bursaries for 4 students from Croydon College who were presented with a voucher for £1000 each ( of which sum half was provided by the Charity ) on 19th April at the ceremony that took place at the Plumbers’ Statue.

    Awards approved were

    £1,000 – Richmond Sea Cadets
    £500 – Sheriffs’ and Recorders’ Fund (for ex-offenders). The Clerk will undertake further discussions with the Fund and indicate to them that the Trustees would be happy to consider any further application by them for additional funds for a scheme for training plumbers.
    £1,500 – Guildhall School of Music

  • Two New Liverymen

    Two New Liverymen

    We welcome Oliver Denniss (Solicitor) and Timothy Rooke ( Technical Director BESA*) who were clothed in the livery at the Court meeting on 9th May.

    *Building Engineering Services Association